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Ferguson, Michaele L. Associate Professor


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  • Ferguson’s research interests engage two broad areas of political theory: democratic and feminist theory. Her contributions to democratic theory aim at the development of a post-foundationalist account of democracy. Post-foundationalists theorize democracy in the absence of guarantees that historically have grounded democratic politics: an appeal to God, to reason, or to human nature. Each of these foundations has been discredited in modern times. While many contemporary democratic theorists search for new sources of stability, post-foundationalists accept the instability of foundations as the condition of politics. Ferguson’s contributions to feminist theory focus on reflections on feminism as a social movement that has only partially transformed gendered power relations in the U.S. and around the world. She analyzes how feminist ideas have successfully pervaded political discourse, why they have been successful, and why despite this success, gender equality remains elusive.


  • political theory, democratic theory, feminist theory, postfoundationalist theory, the politics of rhetoric, neoliberalism, contemporary U.S. politics, multiculturalism, feminist politics, women's rights, sexuality, queer theory, critical theory, race theory, meditation and politics


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