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  • My research goal is to explore the unknown in the atmosphere, space and beyond. Seeing limitations in detection capabilities hampering progress in atmosphere and space sciences, I have chosen my research to meet these challenges through developing new lidar technologies and by pushing the science field forward with new discoveries. I work to explore advanced spectroscopy principles and develop the next-generation lidar technologies. By making measurements with unprecedented accuracy, resolution, and coverage, we study the fundamental physical and chemical processes that govern the structures and dynamics of the whole atmosphere, and advance understanding of the universal processes in the Earth’s space-atmosphere interaction region and how they shape the atmospheres of Earth-like planets throughout our galaxy. In my quest to develop whole atmosphere lidar and to explore the unmapped, I also aim to realize the full potential of lidar, making practical use of it to serve the world.


  • lidar remote sensing, atmospheric science, space physics, atomic and laser spectroscopy, quantum physics, laser physics, laser technology, photonics, quantum electronics, environmental sciences, whole atmosphere lidar


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