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Goldman, Mara J. Associate Professor


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  • Mara Goldman’s research is situated in human-environment geography and can best be described as political ecology with a focus on questions of empowerment, access to resources, knowledge, and decision-making processes. Her work explores: the politics of wildlife conservation (science and practice); the politics of participation and knowledge regarding natural resource management and development; changing resource governance and ecologies as related to climate change in semi-arid rangelands; the relationship between climate change adaptation and resource access and knowledge production; the co-production of climate knowledge, gender and conservation and development. She has worked for two decades in East Africa, specifically with pastoral/agro-pastoral Maasai communities in Tanzania and Kenya. Dr Goldman is now beginning research in India on the politics of conservation knowledge production with ATREE looking at forest rights in tiger reserve.


  • political ecology of conservation politics, critical geographies of development and conservation, politics of knowledge and participation surrounding conservation and development interventions, changing pastoral landscapes and adaptive capacities as related to climate change and social change, politics of climate change knowledge, conservation and gender, gender and development


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