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  • The Atmospheric Trace Molecule Spectroscopy Laboratory (ATMOSpeclab) investigates Chemistry in Air that is relevant to discussions about Air Quality and Climate. We design, assemble, characterize and deploy optical spectroscopic instruments (in-situ and remote sensing) to measure atmospheric trace gases, radicals, methane and aerosol optical properties; carry out field observations from ground, ships, and research aircraft; conduct laboratory experiments; and use these observations to quantify emissions, and to construct and test numerical models. Research in the ATMOSpeclab informs atmospheric composition in some of the remote (e.g., oceans, free troposphere, lower stratosphere) and most polluted (e.g., wildfires, cities) parts of the Earth atmosphere. Society benefits from more robust tools to manage air resources, and mitigate climate change.


  • Analytical Chemistry, Environmental Physics, Instrument Development, Remote Sensing, Field Measurements, Laboratory Studies, Air Quality, Climate


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