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Porter, Keith Alan

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  • Dr. Porter has 30 years' experience helping the public and private sector to measure and manage natural-hazard risk to buildings and other infrastructure. He is a research professor at the University of Colorado Boulder and principal of the applied research firm SPA Risk LLC. He leads the Natural Hazard Mitigation Saves study for the National Institute of Building Sciences, which found that society can save up to $13 in avoided future losses per $1 spent on pre-disaster mitigation against earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, and fires. He helped to lead the US Geological Survey’s revolutionary ShakeOut, ARkStorm, Tsunami, and HayWired disaster planning scenarios. He helped to create and apply tools for enterprise risk management, including FEMA P-154, FEMA P-58, ROVER, and others. He has written or co-authored over 200 scholarly and professional works on natural-hazard risk management.


  • performance-based earthquake engineering, loss estimation, natural hazards, catastrophes, risk


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