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  • My research group investigates colloids and membranes with a focus on biomedical applications. Our strength is design and engineering of novel microbubble formulations for medical imaging, drug delivery, gene therapy and blood gas delivery. Microbubbles are stabilized spherical gas particles that are smaller than a red blood cell. For example, we are researching (1) targeted microbubbles for ultrasound molecular imaging, with a focus on evaluating tumor perfusion and angiogenesis and reducing the immunogenicity, (2) surface engineered microbubbles for multi-modality imaging, (3) multi-functional microbubbles for image-guided drug delivery, and (4) microbubble foams for intravenous oxygen delivery. We also specialize in colloidal and interfacial science aspects of microbubbles and other emulsions. For example, we are researching (1) the mechanical properties of the thin lipid film that coats microbubbles, emulsions and lung alveoli, and (2) factors that affect emulsion stability.


  • contrast agents, theranostics, colloids, biocolloids, emulsions, foams, microbubbles, image-guided drug delivery, targeted gene therapy, intravenous oxygen delivery


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