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Ha, Sangtae Assistant Professor


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  • Dr. Ha has extensive experience in network and computer systems including internet protocols, distributed systems, peer-to-peer systems, wired/wireless networks, cellular networks, mobile systems and applications, operating system, smart data pricing, and open source software. He co-founded DataMi, a startup on wireless networks, in 2012, and served as the founding CTO/VP Engineering. DataMi is disrupting the mobile advertisement industry and currently serving over 25 million smartphone users. He co-founded Zoomi, which develops an artificial intelligence (AI) learning platform. Zoomi was recently named in the “Top 20 Learning Delivery Companies” by He also serve as the technical advisor for Myota Inc., a storage startup spun off from his recent research in secure and reliable storage.


  • network systems, internet protocols, TCP, datacenter networks, smart data pricing, computer systems, distributed systems, operating systems, wired networks, wireless networks, cellular networks, mobile systems, mobile applications, video streaming, storage systems


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