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Tiampo, Kristy F Professor


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  • The goal of Dr. Tiampo's research is to provide a comprehensive understanding of processes which govern natural and anthropogenic hazards and, in particular, those which generate earthquakes, and thus improve the associated estimates of the regional seismic hazard. This is accomplished through the integration of large quantities of remote sensing data such as GPS data, differential InSAR, seismicity and gravity, in order to provide critical information on the nature and scale of these hazards. This research includes improvements into the nature and quantity of that data, innovative analysis techniques, accurate models of the geophysical sources, and timely, appropriate assimilation into various computational models. Significant contributions from her research group include development of the first of a new generation of seismicity measures and effective inversions for the sources of surface deformation associated with earthquake and volcanic hazard as well as anthropogenic signals.


  • Remote sensing of Earth, natural and anthropogenic hazards, Interferometric Synthetric Aperture Radar, InSAR, geodesy, GPS, polarimetry, statistical seismology


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