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  • Since 2009, I have been involved in the area of science communication, helping to bridge the gap between scientists and the general public. By applying my expertise in digital video storytelling, documentary production and journalism, I found innovative ways to make science accessible. Communicating science is not so much about reporting the findings of science, but explaining its methods. Most especially, it’s about making the scientists relatable. With student involvement I produce the series CU Science Update, which showcases the science and research being done here at CU. I try to encourage our stories to bring out the scientist’s passion and to find their humanity, avoiding the sort of dry textbook language that can often bog down a good story. Beyond just teaching broadcast production skills, including camerawork and editing, I also teach students about creative writing, that to tell a good story it’s important to keep the wording simple.


  • journalism, photography, television, broadcast journalism, mass communication, electronic media, digital media, media management, public television, digital storytelling, cinema, video, documentary production, science communication, science education, science documentary, digital editing, graphic design, broadcast writing, creative writing, videography, lighting



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