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Ardizzoni, Michela Associate Professor


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  • Dr. Ardizzoni's research focuses on three main areas of Italian media studies: the construction of cultural identities in and through the media, the mediatization of media activism and social change, and the role of urban media in a Mediterranean context. Her first book examines the visual and discursive representation of identity promoted by public and private Italian national television networks at the turn of the 21st century. Her recent work has examined the status of activist media in Italy through Telestreet, a network of unlicensed neighborhood television stations aimed at expanding citizen access to information. Her current projects focus on screen cultures and social change in Italy and the Mediterranean. Through an analysis of emerging film practices and new media activism, she interrogates the centrality of innovative film production and distribution modes in generating a new lexicon and culture of political participation and engaged citizenship.


  • Italian media, television, cinema, alternative new media, Mediterranean studies, contemporary migration, gender, identity politics, Global media, connected media practices, media activism


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