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  • Dr. Catlos specializes in ethnic and religious identity and relations (e.g.: Muslim-Christian-Jewish relations) in the pre-Modern Mediterranean, the Islamic World, and Christendom, with an emphasis on issues relating to conflict and accommodation and minority-majority relations in both the Christian and Islamic worlds. His work is strongly revisionist and challenges established paradigms of ethnic and religious conflict and cooperation. A particular field of specialization is medieval Iberia. He is a primarily a social and economic historian, and a historian of religion, although his methodology is strongly inter-disciplinary. He is a leading figure in the emerging field of Mediterranean Studies, both in terms of theorizing the Mediterranean as a historical paradigm and in organizing and directing research projects.


  • ethno-religious identity, muslim-christian-jewish relations, medieval history, mediterranean studies, minority-majority relations, conflict and peace, cultural transmission, european history, iberia, jewish history, islamic history, religious ideology, political history, economic history, social history, archival studies


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