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Sepúlveda, Julio Assistant Professor


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  • Dr. Sepúlveda is a broadly trained geobiologist who uses organic and stable isotope geochemical tools to study the co-evolution of biology, biogeochemical cycles and climate. His research focuses on elucidating how microbial and biogeochemical processes respond to environmental perturbations in both contemporary (e.g., continental margins, marine oxygen minimum zones, soils, extreme environments) and ancient (glacial-interglacial transitions, greenhouse climates, extinction events) settings. More specifically, he achieves this by studying and validating the biogeochemical and isotopic information encoded in organic molecules (biomarkers) present in modern environments, and in their fossilized counterparts preserved in sedimentary records.


  • Organic and isotope biogeochemistry, lipid biomarkers as tracers for microbial processes and biogeochemical cycles, paleoenvironmental sciences, CO2 forcing and climate change, co-evolution of climate and biology


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