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Mukherjee, Debanjan Assistant Professor


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  • Our inter-disciplinary research group is broadly interested in unraveling the fundamental behavior of complex flow and transport phenomena. Specifically, our research program focuses on understanding the flow, transport, and mechanical underpinnings of physiological processes and on leveraging this understanding to develop tools for disease biomechanics, medical device design, treatment planning, and drug delivery. A primary application area is in cardiovascular and cerebrovascular processes in healthy and diseased states, where we conduct targeted investigations on diseases like stroke, thrombosis, and embolisms. The tools and technologies developed also have applications in other physiological and disease phenomena including cancer. Finally, at a more fundamental level, we are interested in various theoretical and numerical aspects of flow physics, particularly involving particle-based and particle-laden flows, with cross-cutting applications in biomedical and advanced manufacturing.


  • Flow physics, physiological and biomedical flows, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular phenomena, drug delivery, computational fluid and solid mechanics, particle transport, particle-laden flows, quantitative image processing


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