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Hubler, Mija H. Assistant Professor


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  • Dr. Hubler’s research addresses structural evaluation and redesign. Her research focuses on cementitious materials (primarily concrete), micro-structure quantification and design, material permeability, fracture mechanics, micro- and meso- scale experimental testing and simulation techniques, failure prediction of construction materials, and construction material health risks and toxicity.


  • concrete, construction materials, infrastructure aging, experimental methods


selected publications


courses taught

  • AREN 4315 - Design of Masonry Structures
    Primary Instructor - Spring 2020
    Covers modern masonry construction; properties and behavior of the reinforced masonry component materials, clay and concrete masonry units, mortar, grout, and steel reinforcement; vertical and lateral load types and intensities; and design of reinforced masonry walls, beams and columns by the strength design method.
  • CVEN 3161 - Mechanics of Materials 1
    Primary Instructor - Fall 2018 / Spring 2019 / Fall 2019 / Spring 2020
    Addresses concepts of stress and strain; material properties, axial loading, torsion, simple bending, and transverse shear; analysis of stress and strain; and deflections of beams. Includes selected experimental and computational laboratories. Degree credit not granted for this course and MCEN 2063.
  • CVEN 4899 - Civil Engineering Senior Project Design
    Primary Instructor - Spring 2018 / Spring 2019
    Provides a simulated real world design and construction planning experience where teams integrate across multiple civil engineering sub-disciplines to create a solution that satisfies multiple constraints, including design, client requirements, budget, schedule, technical, regulatory, and societal. Final deliverables include: detailed design drawings, specifications, cost estimate, project schedule, construction plan, oral and written presentation.
  • CVEN 5835 - Special Topics for Seniors/Grads
    Primary Instructor - Spring 2020
    Supervised study of special topics of interest to students under instructor guidance. May be repeated up to 15 total credit hours. Department consent required.
  • CVEN 6161 - Advanced Mechanics of Materials 2
    Primary Instructor - Spring 2018
    Fundamentals of continuum mechanics, finite deformations, Lagrangian finite strains, Cauchy and Piola Kirchoff stress tensors, plasticity and thermo-elasticity, elements of damage mechanics, elements of fracture mechanics, rehological and visoelastic theories, and modern experimental techniques. Recommended prerequisite: CVEN 5161.


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