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Ferguson, Virginia Lea Associate Professor and Hudson Moore Professor


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  • Dr. Ferguson’s research utilizes cutting edge materials science and imaging tools to examine how tissue structure, mechanical function and competence are affected by aging, disuse, and metabolic disease. Her overarching research aim is to characterize how tissue and cell changes correlate with impaired tissue function to: (i) improve the quality of clinical diagnoses and patient care and (iIi) promote advances in materials development for tissue engineering and medical device design. To achieve these goals, Dr. Ferguson’s team questions: (1) How aging, mechanical loading, and metabolic disease (e.g., kidney disease) increase bone fracture risk and cartilage degeneration? (2) What is the nature of the functionally-graded interface between bone and cartilage? How can we use advanced tools to regenerated injured tissues? (3) What mechanisms cause tissue mechanical failure, particularly the cervix and the placental membranes, in pregnancy and preterm birth?


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