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  • Donna Mejia's research and work investigates: Dance; Gender representation/social coding in movement practices and dance traditions ( domestically and internationally); Transnationalism, overlapping identities, multi-ethnicity and emerging models of global citizenship; Investigating how Internet usage is impacting personal identity and collective cultural memory production; Ethics/integrity/cultural appropriation issues in dance fusion and movement transformation; Hidden biases, historical trauma, blind spots, cultures of inclusion and peaceful coexistence; Evolving norms of cultural tolerance and representation in a remixing and “cut and paste”culture; Movement training/specialization in yoga, and the dances of Brazil, Mexico, the Caribbean, West Africa (Gambia, Mali, Senegal, Guinea, Nigeria, Ghana), North Africa (Morocco, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia and Western Sahara), Ethiopia, Northern India, American Modern Dance, Ethnomusicology of Hip Hop, Underground Electronica/ DJ culture


  • Dance, yoga, MENA, Brazil, Mexico, the Caribbean, West Africa, North Africa, Northern India, American Modern Dance, Hip Hop, Eletronica and Internet, DJ Culture, Transnationalism, overlapping identities, multi-ethnicity, emerging models of global citizenship, Digital Diasporas, identity and collective cultural memory production, gender representation, social coding in movement practices, ethics, integrity, cultural appropriation issues in fusion, gender, inclusivity, ethnomusicology, fusion


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