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  • My research is in the area of turbulent transport and energetic particle physics and kinetic MHD related to magnetic fusion. I also work in the area of reconnection related to space physics. We have developed five-dimensional electromagnetic turbulence simulation, called 'GEM' that models realistic global geometry and is a fairly comprehensive in terms of physics capability. GEM is one of two of the most advanced kinetic codes in the international magnetic fusion research community (there are roughly a dozen internationally recognized codes). We also have developed a new multiscale fully kinetic six-dimensional simulation used for studying edge physics and reconnection. We are the leading state-of-the-art, in what most would consider the most competitive theoretical research area in plasma physics.


  • Theoretical Plasma Physics, Turbulence, Kinetic Theory, Large Scale Simulation, Particle Simulation, Kinetic and Fluid Hybrid Models, Gyrokinetic Theory, Magnetohydrodynamics, Tokamaks, High Performance Computing, Numerical Methods


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