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  • Dr. Miller's research is focused on improving our understanding of air quality and reducing health effects and exposure to air pollution. A novel component of her work is her focus on the indoor environment, where people spend the majority of their time. Dr. Miller is one of the leading researchers on the use of control technologies for reducing infectious disease transmission, including ultraviolet germicidal irradiation. She has also been active in characterizing housing conditions in lower socioeconomic neighborhoods and in studying ultrafine particle penetration into buildings. Dr. Miller is involved in multi-investigator projects to measure coarse and fine particulate matter concentrations in the Front Range and improve our understanding of the associated health effects, and to understand the indoor micro biome in US Homes and associated indoor and outdoor factors.


  • indoor air quality, urban air quality health effects, exposure to particulate air pollution, development and evaluation of indoor air quality control measures including ultraviolet germicidal irradiation and filtration, source apportionment of ambient particulate matter, infectious disease transmission and control, weatherization, energy efficiency in buildings


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