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  • Dr. Akos' research is focused on satellite navigation receivers for the US Global Positioning System (GPS), Russia‚Äôs GLONASS, China's Compass, and Europe's Galileo navigation systems His investigation focuses on all aspects of the satellite navigation receiver: the antenna, through the radio front end, and the internal signal processing as well as the position solution. This includes such topics as enhanced sensitivity, improved antenna design/antenna arrays, and radio frequency interference detection and mitigation - all to increase robustness. Dr. Akos pioneered the concept of the 'Software Radio' for GPS and other satellite navigation system, providing insight necessary to use such equipment for safety-of-life operations such as aviation. In addition, his expertise with the receiver architecture has been employed in a number of unique aspects, now using the suite of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) signals for remote sensing and other diverse applications.


  • satellite navigation receivers, software radio architectures


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