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Correll, Joshua Associate Professor


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  • My research focuses on reactions to members of racial outgroups. I am particularly interested in associations between outgroups and threat, and the ways this association affects attention, face processing and behavior. Much of our work has examined racial bias in decisions to shoot using a videogame simulation of a police encounter. In this simulation, we typically find that participants are faster and more likely to shoot Black targets (rather than Whites). More recently, we have begun to study aspects of attention, categorization and face processing that may subserve racial bias, and the possibility that cross-race contact during childhood can ameliorate bias. In a secondary line of research, we have explored the way that participants strategically use group membership to protect and enhance the self-concept. Finally, in a third line, I study a pattern of non-random variation in human behavior, called 1/f noise, which has a surprising capacity to predict performance.


  • Race, stereotyping and prejudice, intergroup relations, response time


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