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Nabity, James A. Associate Professor


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  • Prof Nabity conducts research that spans the fields of science and engineering to enable long-term, far-reaching human spaceflight systems. His research includes life support (thermal control, bioregenerative technologies, oxygen and fuels from CO2, and waste management); spacecraft and habitat design; and propulsion and power. Students are currently engaged in research to: 1) examine the use of an algal photobioreactor for cabin air revitalization and heat transport, 2) model and simulate habitat structures and design to reduce crew exposure to radiation, 3) design robust environmental control and life support systems, and 4) study solid-state thermal control and spacesuit thermoelectric power generation from astronaut metabolic heat. Research was proposed to control plant growth, develop biomanufacturing, and research novel fluids and methods for thermal regulation, CO2 removal and power. Articles describe spacecraft and spacesuit thermal control, propulsion and neural probes.


  • life support, thermal control, heat transport, freezable heat exchanger, waste management, ozone oxidation, solid waste oxidation, water treatment, emergency oxygen generation, airbreathing propulsion, gas turbine augmentor, ramjet combustion, scramjet combustion, jet fuels, catalytic combustion, rocket propulsion, colloid thruster, fuel injection, MEMS


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