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  • Dr. Voida conducts research in human–computer interaction (HCI), at the intersection of personal information management, user interface design, and ubiquitous computing. His research focus is on better understanding and developing solutions to the widespread problem of information overload. Dr. Voida studies how the interfaces, interaction techniques, and context-aware infrastructures employed in computing and information systems can better respond to the critical, real-world challenges associated with information overload. Because overload can manifest in different ways, his research has been at the forefront of examining and developing novel interaction techniques to address breakdowns in multitasking (overload of attention), information sharing (overload of communications channels), and long-term/archival information storage (overload of electronic organizational systems). He also applies his research to information management in the mental health domain (bipolar disorder).


  • human-computer interaction, mobile computing, ubiquitous computing, collaborative computing, social computing, user interface design, personal information management, personal informatics, tangible computing, ambient displays, mHealth, health informatics, cloud computing, time management, interaction metaphors


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