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  • Vaida’s current research interests are at the interfaces of chemical physics and environmental research using fundamental techniques and concepts of physical chemistry to investigate the spectroscopy and reactivity of atmospheric molecules. A recent effort led to the investigation of sun-light initiated reactions atmospheric species. Water-air interfaces are present in the atmosphere at the ocean surface and on atmospheric aerosols, which are important in climate, atmospheric chemistry and human health. Vaida proposed that organic films on atmospheric aerosols and impart on the system unique morphological, optical and chemical properties and proposed that atmospheric aerosols can be effective chemical reactors in the contemporary and prebiotic atmosphere. The Vaida research program is fundamental in its conception and nature and relevant to a central problem on the planet: that of energy supply to a large population while maintaining a viable gaseous envelope, the atmosphere.


  • Physical chemistry of planetary, atmospheric and environmental systems, energy and the environment, spectroscopy of reactive molecules of atmospheric interest, prebiotic chemistry and evolutionary biophysics


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