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  • Dr. Bryan's research has focused on a transdisciplinary approach to the study of health and risk behavior, and the development of interventions to improve health. Dr. Bryan capitalizes on the integration of basic scientific discoveries regarding biological determinants of health and risk behavior (e.g., genetics, neurocognition, inflammation) and applied intervention work to change behavior. Much of her work has concerned the reduction of sexual risk behavior among adolescents, which has been funded by NIAAA and NIDA. A second focus is the reduction of diseases associated with sedentary lifestyle (heart disease, Type II diabetes, a number of cancers) through increasing physical exercise. This work is funded by NCI. Finally, Dr. Bryan is interested in the possible effects of physical exercise on brain health and functioning, particularly in older adults. This work is funded by NIA. Dr. Bryan is also studying cannabis from both harm reduction and health promotion perspectives.


  • health psychology, health behavior, exercise, cannabis, genetics, neurocognition, biopsychosocial model, HIV/STD, mating psychology


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