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  • The development of fluorescence imaging techniques has revolutionized our ability to visualize cellular processes in real time. We now has the ability to interrogate specific proteins, molecules, and ions in cells with unprecedented spatial and temporal resolution. The focus of our lab is to expand this 'toolkit' to develop probes for imaging cellular metal homeostasis and bacterial pathogenesis. These targets represent fascinating examples of the complexity of cellular signaling networks and they have been implicated in diseases such as Alzheimer's disease and cancer, as well as processes such as neurodegeneration and persistent bacterial infections. In our laboratory the creation of novel imaging probes to shed light on cell biology are inextricably linked. Our research combines biophysical techniques, protein design and engineering for the development of novel probes, and cellular imaging studies to elucidate the mechanisms of cellular signaling pathways.


  • live cell imaging, development of fluorescent sensors, development of imaging technology, imaging of cellular signaling


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