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  • Dr. Ziemann's research focuses on experimental studies of the atmospheric and indoor air chemistry of organic gases and particles that affect human health, visibility, and global climate. Laboratory experiments are conducted in large environmental chambers under simulated atmospheric conditions to elucidate mechanisms by which volatile organic compounds emitted from anthropogenic and biogenic sources react with the atmospheric oxidants OH, O3, and NO3 to form oxidized low volatility compounds that condense to form microscopic particles. Information on the chemical composition and volatility of the products formed are used to develop atmospheric reaction mechanisms. Results of these studies improve our understanding of atmospheric chemistry and aid in the development of air quality models for predicting the environmental fate of organic compounds and the formation and properties of organic aerosol particles and the impact of human activities on the atmospheric environment.


  • atmospheric chemistry of organic chemicals, atmospheric aerosols, atmospheric reaction mechanisms, air pollution, climate effects of aerosols, indoor air chemistry


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