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  • Dr. Vernerey's research focuses on understanding the mechanics of engineering and biological materials , their adaptation and structural evolution in response to external stimuli. In this perspective, the research concentrates on elucidating the interplay between mechanics, chemistry and transport phenomena at various fundamental length-scale of materials’ microstructures. Applications are in the bioinpired materials design, tissue engineering and computational medicine. Specific research focus is on: (a) Multiscale modeling of porous media to understand the relationship between deformation and transport in hydrated media such as hydrogels and biological tissues, (b) Development of active soft matter systems inspired by biological systems and (c) Multiphysics modeling of contractile cells to elucidate the molecular mechanisms responsible for mechano-sensitive force generation tissue.


  • Theoretical and computational mechanics of soft matter, mechanics and transport in soft materials, motion and migration of soft colloids in porous media, cell mechanics, multiscale modeling


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