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  • Dr. Bryant's research focuses on designing 3D biomaterials, which she employs as 3D models to answer fundamental biological questions and as 3D cell scaffolds to guide tissue growth and integration for regenerative medicine. In particular, her laboratory has a keen interest in understanding mechanotransduction pathways in cells and understanding the importance of loading in tissue regeneration for cartilage, bone, tendon, and cardiovascular tissues. Her laboratory has also been very interested in studying how the body responds to implanted scaffolds and in developing new strategies that promote healing and facilitate integration of the engineered tissue into the host tissue, supporting long-term function. Through careful control over the 3D environment, particularly in the presence of physiological cues, her lab hopes to better understand cellular processes towards translating her materials-based technologies in vivo and improving functional tissue regeneration and integration.


  • tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, biomaterials, mechanotransduction


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