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  • Prof. Banich's research uses brain imaging techniques to understand the neural systems that allow us to direct our thoughts and actions so that we can prioritize, organize, and target our behavior in a goal-oriented manner, abilities often referred to as executive function. She investigates these issues both in normal individuals as well clinical populations, such as individuals with depression and anxiety, substance use disorder, learning disabilities, and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. She also takes a developmental perspective, examining how executive functions mature during adolescence. Her research findings have been published in leading journals, including the journal Science. Among her other professional experiences, Prof. Banich has been a member of the MacArthur Foundation on Adolescent Development and Juvenile Justice, been a Fulbright Senior Scholar in Verona, Italy, and co-authored a textbook in Cognitive Neuroscience (4th edition, Cambridge University Press).


  • cognitive neuroscience, executive function, cognitive control, adolescence, brain imaging, fMRI, interdisciplinary studies, prefrontal cortex, depression, anxiety, ADHD, substance use, learning disabilities, decision making, working memory, genetics


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