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Burdick, Jason A

Professor and Barbara, Cheryl and Clair Bowman Endowed Professor


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  • Jason Burdick and his Biomaterials and Biofabrication Laboratory design new biomaterials that can be processed through fabrication methodologies to meet the needs of medicine, ranging from translational therapeutics to tissue models. Based in fundamental materials science, the group synthesizes cytocompatible and cell-instructive biomaterials, often from biopolymers (e.g., hyaluronic acid) that are crosslinked into water-swollen hydrogels and biodegradable elastomers. Many of the biomaterials are designed to be shear-thinning and self-healing through the incorporation of dynamic and reversible interactions of polymers or microparticles. Biomaterials from the group are processed with a range of techniques, including electrospinning, microfluidics, and 3D printing (e.g., extrusion printing, stereolithography) to control their structure and subsequent function across applications.


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