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Maksimovic, Dragan Charles V. Schelke Endowed Professor


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  • Dr. Maksimovic's research is focused on power electronics, the technology that ties renewable sources such as photovoltaics and wind turbines to the electric power grid, propels hybrid and electric vehicles, powers a countless variety of electronic systems, and makes it possible to operate battery-powered mobile devices for many hours. Dr. Maksimovic is directing the Colorado Power Electronics Center (CoPEC) in explorations of ways to achieve significant system-level advances in energy efficiency and renewable energy sources via smart power electronics. Current research project topics include efficiency improvements in photovoltaic power systems, digital control of high-frequency switched-mode power converters, high-frequency power electronics using wide bandage semiconductors, high-efficiency radio transmitters, auto-tuning and adaptive control techniques in power conversion, automotive power electronics, and battery systems.


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