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Knipp, Delores J. Research Professor


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  • Prof. Knipp’s research focuses on the space environment and atmospheric and solar events that disturb it. She works with students to investigate methods for: 1) specifying satellite drag; 2) describing how structures on the Sun produce disturbances in near-Earth space; 3) improving scientific use of space environment measurements from DoD, NASA and international space missions; 4) inter-comparing measurements from research and commercial satellites with an eye toward making broader use of commercial satellite 'housekeeping' data to monitor environmental conditions in near-Earth space. 5) estimating the conductivity of Earth's upper atmosphere. She teaches CU’s graduate course on Aerospace Environments (ASEN 5335)and at an NSF-sponsored summer schools. She authored an upper division-graduate level textbook published in 2011: 'Understanding Space Weather and the Physics Behind It.' She is the Editor in Chief of the American Geophysical Union's Space Weather Journal/Quarterly.


  • Space environment, Space weather, solar wind-geospace coupling, satellite drag, data assimilation, space weather education


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