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  • My research interests lie at the intersection of satellite navigation receiver technologies and the application of navigation satellite signals for remote sensing of the space environment, atmosphere, and Earth surface. My research lab develops advanced algorithms to enable navigation in urban and indoor environments, under interference conditions, and during space weather activities. We also study the signatures of disturbances on radio waves propagating through the ionosphere, the atmosphere, and our local environment to monitor the environmental conditions that lead to the disturbances. During the past decade, we have deployed a worldwide network of software-defined radios to monitor radio wave disturbances. We work with signals transmitted by navigation satellites and by sources that were intended for other purposes such as communication and networking. In addition, we research new signal designs that could be potentially used for next generation satellite navigation.


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  • ASEN 3300 - Aerospace Electronics and Communications
    Primary Instructor - Spring 2020 / Spring 2021
    Provides the fundamentals of electronics and communications widely used in aerospace engineering. Includes analog instrumentation electronics, data acquisition, digital electronics and radio communication.
  • ASEN 4018 - Senior Projects 1: Design Synthesis
    Primary Instructor - Fall 2020
    Focuses on the synthesis of technical knowledge, project management, design process, leadership, and communications within a team environment. Students progress through the design process beginning with requirements development, then preliminary design and culminating with critical design. Offered fall only.
  • ASEN 4028 - Senior Projects 2: Design Practicum
    Primary Instructor - Spring 2021
    Focuses on the fabrication, integration, verification and validation of designs produced in ASEN 4018. Students work within the same teams from ASEN 4018. Offered spring only.
  • ASEN 5210 - Remote Sensing Seminar
    Primary Instructor - Fall 2018
    Covers subjects pertinent to remote sensing of the Earth and space, including oceanography, meteorology, vegetation monitoring, geology, geodesy and space science, with emphasis on techniques for extracting geophysical information from data from airborne and spaceborne platforms. Course requirement for Remote Sensing Certificate. Formerly ASEN 6210.
  • ASEN 6091 - Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Receiver Architecture
    Primary Instructor - Fall 2019
    Investigates the overall architecture of satellite navigation receivers: including both the analog radio frequency conditioning (antenna to the analog-to-digital converter) and the various signal processing algorithms. Such treatment of the operation of the receiver will provide insight into the trade-offs that go into GNSS as well as the more broad generic spread spectrum receiver design. Recommended prerequisite: ASEN 5090.
  • ASEN 6519 - Special Topics
    Primary Instructor - Spring 2019
    Reflects upon specialized aspects of aerospace engineering sciences. Course content is indicated in the online Schedule Planner. May be repeated up to 9 total credit hours. Recommended prerequisite: varies.
  • ASEN 6950 - Master's Thesis
    Primary Instructor - Fall 2020 / Spring 2021 / Summer 2021 / Fall 2021


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