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Schaub, Hanspeter Professor and the Glenn L. Murphy Chair


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  • Dr. Schaub's research continues in the field of electrostatic actuation of space objects, attitude kinematics, momentum based attitude control, deployable space structures, as well as relative motion simulation, sensing and control. His AVS Lab obtained a vacuum chamber in 2016 for charging experiments. An DURIP grant was awarded to obtain charging and sensing equipment. New research is looking into the dynamics deployable space structures, the analysis and experimental validation of the E-tractor concept. Dr. Schaub is leading the ADCS algorithm development for the EMM mission. He researches GPU based SRP and atmospheric drag modeling, autonomous constrained attitude control, the equations of motion of complex spacecraft dynamics with flexing, slosh and unbalanced wheels, as well as flight software architectures. A strong emphasis has become the electrostatic detumbling of passible space objects, as well as autonomous attitude control and momentum management.


  • astrodynamics, spacecraft formation flying, spacecraft attitude dynamics and control, nonlinear dynamics and control, relative motion sensing, electrostatic actuation in a space environment, charged vacuum and plasma chamber experiments, deployable lightweight space structures, astrodynamics software architecture, mission analysis and support


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