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Srubar III, Wil V. Assistant Professor


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  • Dr. Srubar's research mission is to engineer sustainable and durable construction materials by blurring the boundaries between the built environment and the natural world. Conducted at the nexus of materials science, architecture, and chemical, biological, and structural engineering, his group is addressing questions related to (1) materials design, (2) in-service durability, and (3) service-life modeling of innovative, sustainable building materials and components. His research group employs both experimental and computational methods to characterize, model, and design innovative polymer- and alternative cement-based substitutes to conventional infrastructure materials. Current work includes engineered bioaerogels, biopolymers, alkali-activated cements, antifreeze proteins and biomimetic polymers, and natural-fiber composites for construction applications.


  • Sustainable materials engineering, structural mechanics, durability of building and infrastructure materials, polymer chemistry, cement chemistry, environmental impact assessment of materials and structures, deterioration and service-life modeling, history of building technology


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