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Healy, Alice F

Professor Emerita/Emeritus


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  • My research interests include memory and cognitive processes, especially long-term retention, learning, information processing, psycholinguistics, reading, short-term memory, and decision-making. In recent years, my research has been focused on training knowledge and skills with the aim to optimize training efficiency, the durability of trained knowledge and skills over delay intervals with no rehearsal or practice, and the transfer of learned knowledge and skills to new contexts and modified task requirements. My current research is also focused on the cognitive processes underlying the use of educational technology (i.e., clickers, laptop computers, and eReaders) in college science and elementary-middle school reading classrooms. My other research focuses include letter and word processing in reading, memory for item and order information, and political peace and war decisions. My studies use an analytic, experimental approach.


  • memory and cognitive processes, training, long-term retention, transfer, reading, short-term memory, psycholinguistics, political decision-making, science and reading educational technology


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  • PSYC 4011 - Senior Thesis
    Primary Instructor - Spring 2018
    Critically reviews some aspect of psychological literature, scholarly analysis of a major psychological issue, and/or empirical research project. See the psychology honors director for further information.


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