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  • Dr. Marshall's research encompasses physical phenomena in the near-Earth space environment, with common themes of naturally-occurring plasmas and interactions between charged particles and electromagnetic waves. He studies the radio emissions from lightning and uses them to study the lightning current source, the thunderstorm structure, and the ionosphere. He studies radio wave interactions with meteor plasma through radar measurements and numerical modeling, in order to characterize the parent meteoroid. He studies the Earth's radiation belts, their interaction with waves in the magnetosphere, and the precipitation of these particles into the Earth's upper atmosphere, in order to characterize both the radiation belt populations and their effects on the atmosphere. Finally, Dr. Marshall builds a variety of instruments to make geophysical measurements, including sensitive radio instruments, optical instruments, and particle detectors, for both ground-based and space-based experiments.


  • lightning, thunderstorms, lightning-ionosphere interactions, meteors, radiation belts, radiation belt precipitation, small satellites, optical instrumentation, radio instrumentation, particle detectors, x-ray detectors, numerical modeling, Monte Carlo methods, Finite-difference time-domain methods


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