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Stoldt, Conrad Robert

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  • Defect structure and chemistry define material performance. Mechanical, electronic, thermal, and optical properties of a solid can be strongly influenced or outright dictated by the defect nature and concentration. Ranging in scale from grain boundaries to single atoms or vacancies, the characterization and manipulation of defects are key to effective materials engineering. In the Stoldt Laboratory at the University of Colorado, Boulder (UCB), we apply state-of-the art synthesis and characterization techniques to manipulate the defect structure of advanced inorganic materials. Of current interest to our research group is the development of next-generation solid-state ion conductors, understanding the impact of non-stoichiometry in metal chalcogenides, the development of scalable, high-throughput methods for nanocrystal formation, and the discovery and implementation of low-cost hydrogen storage materials.


  • Nanoscale materials science and engineering, solid-state materials synthesis, surface and interface chemistry, electrochemistry, solid-state ionics, semiconductor corrosion, nano-energetic materials, lithium ion battery technology


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