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  • Professor Musgrave's research is focused on the use of theoretical and computational quantum mechanics to investigate important engineering processes at a fundamental level. His work comprises a range of technologies including: nanotechnology, catalysis to split water to produce hydrogen and to reduce CO2 to hydrocarbon, photopolymerization, advanced battery technology, supercapacitors, 3rd generation photovoltaics using singlet fission, photocatalysts and photo initiators, solar thermal hydrogen production, atomic and molecular layer deposition. Professor Musgrave is known for being the first to provide detailed and fundamental descriptions of many important processes including atomic layer deposition, nanotechnology, singlet fission for carrier multiplication in organic photovoltaics, CO2 reduction and other catalytic systems.


  • computational materials science, computational chemistry, quantum chemistry, photovoltaics, energy storage, catalysis, photocatalysis, photochemistry, photo initiators, photopolymerization, solar fuels, renewable, water splitting, CO2 reduction, fuels, electronic materials, thin film deposition


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