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  • Dr. George‚Äôs research interests are in the areas of surface chemistry, thin film growth and etching, and nanostructure engineering. He is currently directing a research effort focusing on atomic layer deposition (ALD), molecular layer deposition (MLD) and atomic layer etching (ALE). This research is examining new surface chemistry, measuring thin film growth rates, measuring thin film etching rates, characterizing the properties of films and developing new reactors for ALD, MLD & ALE. Special areas of expertise are developing new surface chemistries for hybrid organic-inorganic hybrid polymers and in situ methods for monitoring the growth & etching of ALD & MLD films. There are many applications of ALD, MLD & ALE to modern technology. Application areas include: semiconductor processing, MEMS/NEMS, Li ion batteries, fuel cells, supercapacitors, gas sensors, nano-photovoltaic devices, gas diffusion barriers and flexible & protective coatings.


  • Surface Chemistry, Thin Film Growth, Nanostructure Engineering, Atomic Layer Deposition, Molecular Layer Deposition, Characterization and Properties of Thin Films, Materials Chemistry, Atomic Layer Etching


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